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Meet Meredith

Meredith Self

Meredith Self

The All of You framework of Meredith Self is an invitation to awaken at all levels of your being through 3 keys to focus your practice. The practices open you to your most awakened, peaceful, joyful true nature and honor the gifts inherent in all the pain, sadness, anger and fear you experience.

As a former gifted and talented teacher, Meredith has a knack for differentiating teaching and practices to match each client. As a visionary, she hones in on what is ready to open up and stop holding back. Her years teaching math, as well working in corporate mangement consulting bring a practicality to her approach.


Meredith's teachings point to the real, simple truths of what you truly are, already, and she is committed to making accessible these basic truths by reconnecting people with their natural intuition to sense for themselves and end the seeking and suffering caused by looking for a better you or better experience than this moment.

Meredith is based in Northern Virginia and meets with people one-on-one, in groups, and through classes and retreats. She has two children, a son in college and daughter in preschool, as well as a frisbee dog, Roxy, who keep her playing.

Meredith invites people to welcome all of themselves here, now, leaving nothing left behind or hidden in fear.

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