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All of You Circle - Group Mentoring with Meredith

All of You Circle

"We will come home together, or not at all. - A Course in Miracles."

The All of You Circle is a creation born from my heart in 2010 to meet a deep need I saw in awakening women (and a few dear men) to connect more intimately and regularly.

Our community is grounded in this simple notion. What we are, already, is what we are looking for. Welcome All of You.

Often we come wanting to trust ourselves more, wanting to feel calmer and more content, wanting a spiritual experience, wanting to get clear about big choices and changes in our lives, wanting to feel empowered.

What we find though is under all of that, we are fulfilled when we come back to our truest nature, and when we gather with that shared intention.

And really, that's how awakening is. Awakening is here, as we are. It isn't somewhere to get to. It isn't a better you, or a different you, or a milestone you reach. Or an expansive state. It's right here, as we are. We get glimpses of it here and there. An inexplicable peace in the midst of a terrible tragedy. A stopping when we look at a gorgeous moon. And we are called to be continually glimpsing.

The container of our group was carefully crafted to support us awakening to our truest self - being All of YOU - and provide the connection that supports this calling. We meet virtually a couple times a month, and it is open to us EVERY day.

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. - African proverb"

Your All of You Circle invites you to:
  • Experiment with and follow your intuition, with practical day-to-day topics and the bigger questions about who you truly are
  • Experience directly for yourself through guided meditations, visualizations and exercises
  • Cultivate the attitudes that help bring forward all you are, (like curiosity, embracing)
  • Learn the 3 keys to practice effectively, that create the conditions ripe for awakening at all levels of your being (head, heart and gut)
  • Invite stillness
  • Learn to sense when things feel off and recenter rather than swirl further away
  • Access higher levels of consciousness and embody it in a grounded, practical way
  • Receive individualized mentoring on what holds you back, what wants to emerge, what will help you trust your inner wisdom
  • Identify root of what triggers you and dissolve its grip
  • Connect in a supportive community in a conscious, compassionate way
  • Welcome the spiritual, pleasant, crappy and quirks as part of the whole and way to our truest nature
  • Take responsibility for your energy, boundaries, efforts
  • Welcome joy, rest, and what nourishes you
  • Receive love
  • Be welcomed just as you are
  • Express your gifts, voice, and power
  • Be All of You, with nothing left behind or hidden in fear
All of You Circle provides:
  • A monthly group mentoring call, with teaching, exercises and Q&A
    (2nd Sundays of each month, 9:30am-11am EST)
  • A monthly practice session where you can partner up, using our online conference technology
    (one weeknight during the month, dates vary, 7-8:30pm EST)
  • Mentoring with Meredith during the meetings and in the online group
  • Guided meditations, visualizations, and intuition exercises
  • Audio recordings of sessions, so you can always participate in your own time or listen again
  • Personalized guidance on the calls
  • Online community available daily to share with each other and connect
  • Retreat Day (date TBD)

  • Your subscription holds your place in the group every month.
  • If you are not able to attend sometimes that is understandable, but please do make an effort to come regularly.
  • Each session will be recorded so even if you miss a session you can participate.
  • Your subscription is due regardless of your attendance and is billed monthly.
  • Initial commitment of 6 months is requested, please, to keep consistency within the group.
  • You may end your subscription at any time.
  • Investment is $147/month

If you are interested in joining the All of You Circle, you are most welcome, please click the button to apply.

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Note: After registration, you will receive a response within a couple business days.

If you have any questions at all about our circle, please contact me. You can email or call me on my cell at 703.980.0889.

If you are interested in this approach, but the circle doesn't work for you, consider
Working privately with Meredith or other events, classes and retreats.

"All the wonders you seek are within yourself." -Sir Thomas Brown