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- 84% improved handling of difficult situations and conflict
- 100% more aware when attention is distracted and can better redirect attention
- 95% enhanced ability to deal with difficult emotions
- 84% better able to remain calm and clear
- 100% will be a better trainer in any subject
- 100% more aware when attention is distracted and can better redirect attention
- 100% wiser decisions & actions
- 11% increase on Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire
- 100% believe this training can improve our work culture

"I see paths to making better decisions both big and small at critical functions." Corporate class participant

"Mindfulness will help us deliver training more effectively, it will help us listen more effectively to answer training needs and participantsÕ needs during training, it will help us remain calm and focused while training/instructing, it will help us be more intuitive to help our participants overcome obstacles during training, and it will decrease our levels of stress while training." Corporate class participant

"I feel like you're speaking my language! You didn't portray intuition as this grand, dramatic event with burning bushes and loud voices, which I could never relate to. You helped me make intuition real." T.H.

"I went from a cynic to "holy crap this is" it in a weekend. I was aware of being one. Everything has changed since then." E.H.

"I frequently found myself better able to step back when dealing with stress, and experienced some improved focus and attention to tasks." Corporate class participant

"I have an array of tools and techniques to use to improve my performance and my team/deptartment/company performance." Corporate class participant

"Improvement in my listening abilities and a reduction in my need to judge individuals and situation. Less reactive and more open to what is being presented." Corporate class participant

"I was able to put the techniques to use immediately, at home and at work. There are really no negatives to trying them. They make me more open minded, less fearful and anxious about conflict, feeling less alone in craving harmony at a foundational level at work." Corporate class participant

"I LOVE how you make things practical and tangible. I have had some of these rites before and they were presented in quite a mysterious/intangible way that made it felt like something was done to me - not that it had become a part of me. The way that you taught and then shared them felt so natural and now completely accesible." M.R.

"I've been on this path for dozens of years. But something different happens when I'm in your energy. I transform more rapidly in your presence. A presence which is open to me even when you are not here." J.C.B

"I felt illuminated from within and my clarity was refreshing." J.S.

"I really like how at the workshop you insist on us understanding ourselves. To be our own solution. " S.J.

"Every moment of the entire 48 hours of the retreat was meaningful. I felt as though I had grown and healed over a period of years, not hours. I've noticed a marked difference." L.T.

I especially liked how you made the class personal and spoke to each of us." S.M.

"You run powerful, healing energy. What you say is pure." J.B.

"Even though I consdier myself a person with a fairly high emotional IQ, I needed help deaing with difficult people & the increased stress level of my job.I felt that I was in reactive mode. I do a better job listening to people, especially in difficult situations." Corporate class participant

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